Chinchilla Treat Toy

Chinchillas get bored. Chinchillas are bright little animals and need plenty to keep them amused. If kept in small cages for long periods can develop fur biting and all sorts of repetitive behaviour. Today we give you an example of how you can in your home, very easily and quickly, improvise a toy to hide some chinchilla treats πŸ˜‰


Enrich your chinchilla environment offering her different objects to chew and explore, always safely. Today we leave an example of how you can in your home, very easily and quickly, improvise a toy to hide some chinchilla treats πŸ˜‰

It’s very simple and your pet will love it!



  • Paper roll
  • Chinchilla hay
  • Chinchilla treats

2017-09-19 11.51.12


How to do:

  • Make small holes along the paper roll

2017-09-19 11.56.00


  • Put the hay into the paper roll

2017-09-19 12.08.18


  • Hide the treats inside the paper roll, hidden in the hay

2017-09-19 12.09.11


  • Let your chinchilla have fun looking for it πŸ™‚



Self petting Cat Station

When you get home, does your cat greet you with a welcome ritual in which he rubs against your legs?

It is good to be welcomed this way and most owners take the opportunity to pamper their cat. In fact, the cat does not rub only against people and animals that live with him, but also against objects that are in his environment.

During the ritual, there is an important exchange of odors that serves to create a common and familiar smell among all the individuals who share the territory. When rubbed, it is not a demonstration of affection in the human sense, but it is still a behavior that cats do only with individuals who are part of their world and who give them a sense of security.

On todayΒ΄s edition of Pet DIY Ideas we make a Self-Petting Station where your cat can rub whenever he wants πŸ™‚


  • Brushes (not too stiff)
  • Hinge
  • Screws
  • Adhesive tape

2017-07-27 09.25.59


How to make:

  • Place the hinges on the brushes
  • Attach the two brushes

2017-07-27 09.42.17

  • Place the brushes into a chair using, for example, adhesive tape

2017-07-27 09.50.03

  • It can also be used to hide cat treats and is a great for sensory stimulation!

Cat Town (Part III)

In today’s edition we add another piece to “Cat Town”, a playground for cats built from cardboard boxes and other recyclable materials. Follow the town growth in the next editions … piece by piece! πŸ˜‰



  • Paper box
  • Fabric



How to do:

  • Draw two circles in the box with, for example, a round object to build a tunnel



  • Cut the circles for the box openings for cats to enter


  • Seal the box on top and bottom so that only the cutout openings in the box are available for the cats to enter


  • Finally decorate the box with fabric according to your preference. Note that for modular projects, at the end of which you will join the boxes, you can only take care of the visible faces of the box


  • And the time has come for the cats to approve it πŸ™‚

Suspended Cat Toy

In this edition we added a toy to join the “Cat Town” πŸ™‚ A toy suspended from a roll of disposable paper! See how it’s done!


  • paper roll
  • Cat toy
  • Fabric yarn
  • decoration material (optional)



How to do:

  • Make a hole in the paper roll



  • Cover if you want the paper roller with decoration fabric for example, keeping the hole open



  • Make a hole in the cat toy and insert a yarn to hold it


  • Finally, place the yarn on the paper roller, making sure to knot on each side of the paper roll.



The toy will be added later in the assembly of the “Cat Town”. Stay tuned!


Cat Town (Part I)

We start today in our weekly Pet DIY Ideas a project called “Cat Town”, a playground for cats built from cardboard boxes and other recyclable materials. Follow the town growth in the next editions … piece by piece! πŸ˜‰



  • Paper box
  • Fabric
  • Pillow or blanket



How to do:

  • Cover the paper box with the fabric according to your taste


  • Draw and cut an opening in the box for the cats to enter
  • Place the cushion or blanket inside the carton box


  • And most importantly … present the box to the cats πŸ™‚

Pom Pom for Cats

We suggest another idea to entertain your cats and to entertain yourself while preparing the toy πŸ˜‰ How long have since you made a pom pom? Do you still remember? It’s very simple and the result is always cute for sure!



  • wool of various colors
  • Paperboard
  • Scissors


How to do:

  • Draw two circles on the card and cut out the middle one. You can make various sizes for various pom poms


  • Join two circles and begin to fill them with wool, skirting the paper circles with the woolen yarn
  • After being filled with wool, cut the wool from the sides
  • Slightly open the two circles and insert a woolen yarn in the middle. Give a tight knot. Remove the paper circles
  • You can make one or more pom poms of various colors and sizes and add to the yarn
  • Finally, you just have to hang it for example on a door of your house πŸ˜‰ And let the cats explore and have fun …

Stick Cat Toy

Today in Pet DIY Ideas we propose a classic cat toy to entertain your cat. Something as simple as a stick never loses its appeal and catches the attention of all cats. Try it πŸ˜‰


  • Stick that can be a wood stick, a bird perch or other material
  • Magazine or newspaper or tissue strips
  • Adhesive tape



How to do:

  • Cut the paper (or fabric) into strips
  • Attach with tape glue the strips to the stick


  • Challenge your cat πŸ™‚

Dog Chew Toy

When you buy a new toy for your dog, is he initially over enthusiastic and then loses interest in it? It is normal for this to happen, on the one hand because most toys require owner interaction to become interesting, such as throwing a ball. On the other hand, all animals like new things to explore!


An easy way to make your pet’s life more fun is giving a toy for your pet to play and than taking it back, instead of leaving it always at his disposal. Alternate the toys that you leave for him to play. In that way, when you return to give him a toy it becomes again “a new toy” πŸ˜‰

A second suggestion is to improvise new toys with recyclable items that you have at home! In this edition we use only a plastic bottle and an old sock (already chewed on previous explorations)!


  • Small plastic bottle
  • Old sock
  • Some dog treats


How to make:

  • Put some dog treats inside the plastic bottle


  • Put the plastic bottle into the sock and close the ends


  • Now shake it and throw it to your dog to catch … and let him have fun!

Paper roll recycled pet toy

Cats are extremely curious and natural explorers! This week we created some games and toys for cats (but also for other animals) from paper rolls of disposable toilet paper.

Something so simple and easy to do and they have fun for hours … We also, watching them play!


To start you just need:

  • Some paper rolls;
  • Newspaper or magazine sheets (optional);
  • Cat treats;
  • Support boxes for the paper rolls, such as: paper or metallic box, variable size box.


How to do:

  • Cut several strips of a paper roll and join them in ball shape;
  • You can put a newspaper/ magazine sheet inside to hide cat biscuits;
  • Cut the edges of a paper roll into several strips and place a newspaper/ magazine sheet inside with cat treats hidden;


  • Put several paper rolls, cut into variable heights, into a box with cat treats on the bottom, for the cat to pick them up;


  • You can use various shapes, of various sizes and materials as paper rolls container. Use your imagination and the materials you have available at your home;


  • Finally, dispose the differents toys for your cats to play and have fun also seeing them solve the puzzles πŸ™‚

Cat Igloo from a T-shirt

“Curiosity killed the cat”? Yeah, cats love new things. They are natural explorers. Any new object is interesting for hours. Sometimes simply changing something from one place to another is a reason for fun! Today we propose a simple idea to create another fun place for your cat with some objects that you already have at home.

Here is the description of how to make an igloo from an old t-shirt and some clothe hangers.

Material needed:

  • 2 wire clothes hangers
  • 1 t-shirt
  • 1 blanket or cushion


How to do:

  • Use the clothes hangers to form an igloo-shaped structure


  • Lay the structure inside the t-shirt, closing the sleeves and the back. Only the collar should remain open. Put a blanket or cushion on the bottom


  • Now just let the cats explore and have fun …;)