Welcome Your New Cat

Have you decided to adopt a cat? Fantastic! And today is the day he comes home … When bringing your new cat home prepare his arrival taking into account his well being and adaptation to your family.




  • Have in your home a cat bed, food and water feeders and cat food, collar, litter and sand, hygiene and wellness equipment (scissors, brush, transportbox, scratchers, etc.) and safe toys that are stimulating to play with
  • Choose a day when you can be at home to help with the cat´s adaptation to his new home and routines
  • Prepare the trip home. A trip on a transportbox or by car can be very stressful for a cat. Use a soothing spray of pheromones on the transportbox and place it in a safe place, at your feet or with a blanket on top
  • Keep calm so you do not overload the cat in a phase of change and stress
  • When you get home, place the carrier on the floor in a quiet room, open the door and let the cat explore the space at its own pace
  • Provide a secure and safe space in your house where you and the cat can be comfortable and at ease
  • Place the cat litter in a quiet and easily accessible place, away from the cat resting and eating areas
  • Choose a name for your new pet
  • Take the cat to a veterinarian for a health evaluation visit
  • If your cat will have free access outdoors, keep him indoors for at least 2-3 weeks or until he feels comfortable, to give him time to bond with his new family and to recognize all the different smells and sounds of his new environment , as well as all the corners of the new house
  • Make sure there are no doors or windows open that will allow the cat to escape and be aware of balconies. If you decide that the cat can be also outside let him go out just after settling with his new family and home
  • Put chip and tag on the cat’s collar in case he runs away. Be aware of local legislation.