Self petting Cat Station

When you get home, does your cat greet you with a welcome ritual in which he rubs against your legs?

It is good to be welcomed this way and most owners take the opportunity to pamper their cat. In fact, the cat does not rub only against people and animals that live with him, but also against objects that are in his environment.

During the ritual, there is an important exchange of odors that serves to create a common and familiar smell among all the individuals who share the territory. When rubbed, it is not a demonstration of affection in the human sense, but it is still a behavior that cats do only with individuals who are part of their world and who give them a sense of security.

On today´s edition of Pet DIY Ideas we make a Self-Petting Station where your cat can rub whenever he wants 🙂


  • Brushes (not too stiff)
  • Hinge
  • Screws
  • Adhesive tape

2017-07-27 09.25.59


How to make:

  • Place the hinges on the brushes
  • Attach the two brushes

2017-07-27 09.42.17

  • Place the brushes into a chair using, for example, adhesive tape

2017-07-27 09.50.03

  • It can also be used to hide cat treats and is a great for sensory stimulation!